How To Sell ClickBank Products With NO Website ($100 A Day)

What’s going on guys welcome back to another video in today’s video I’m gonna show you how you can make money with Clickbank without actually using a website so you can do this for 100% free if you want you don’t have to use any website or any thing like that so the problem that I see with a lot of people is they want to try and build a business without a website which I highly don’t recommend you do that you should really have a website when you’re trying to build a business online but if you are in a position where you want to make a little bit of money about $100 per day there’s lots of ways you can do it and I’m gonna show you one of those ways in this video with Clickbank you only really need a couple of sales a day to make $100 a day it’s not actually that hard and at the end of this video guys I’m gonna show you a bonus niche that you’ve never ever ever heard about before online it’s funny little nation and this nation actually I’ll be showing you throughout this video is a niche you’ve probably never heard of before either alright before we get started if you don’t know what Clickbank is it’s a website where you can promote products and get a commission usually around about $50 sorry 50% commissions and there’s all sorts of niches these computers is gardening health and fitness and all that sort of stuff but to cut the time in half for you researching I’m going to tell you the three best niches and the niche that we’re gonna be talking about in this training ok so the 3 bits niches you want to jump into and make money online cryptocurrency and fitness why because these three get a huge amount of traffic they um they have people that want to buy in them and all three of these industries you can solve a problem with a solution quite quickly right the solution is how to make more money or how to make money how to trade cryptocurrency how to get fit so these are the three industries you can get into and then woodwork is one that we have to talk about in this training which is quite interesting and it’s getting quite popular now so I want to talk about this in this training so let’s jump in guys and I’ll show you what I’m talking about now Before we jump into the actual doing this I want to show you you know there’s some products in this woodwork industry well one in particular that’s really really popular right now and this is called Ted’s Woodworking and we’ll check it out and it’s got 60 euro get around about $60 per sale so all you need is two sales per day to get over $100 and if you want to promote it you just click promote and then have an affiliate page as well now the page itself a lot of people always say all these pages look bad they’re old guys this is what’s working you gotta remember that people have short attention span so don’t like flashy stuff they don’t like pop up so they’d like to see this and that all they want to do is see what they need to see either buy the product or don’t buy the product okay so stop letting that hold you back with this product looks scare me this product look spammy this product is selling there’s a hundred and twenty seven gravity which means in the last 30 days 100 sorry 112 in the last 30 days 112 people have made at least one sale with this product okay so this product is selling you know is selling so what this product is about it’s about woodworking projects and all that stuff but who cares about that how do you get the traffic how could you make a hundred dollars per day okay I’m going to show you how you can do that but first I want to show that people were actually are promoting woodworking products so don’t worry I’m not gonna tell you used YouTube but this one here this video has over 100,000 views and if you click on this link it goes to a woodwork course or training or something in the Clickbank platform okay so this is another product that you could probably are sorry another product that you could probably use as well I guess is from the same person it’s kind of very very similar landing page so maybe this is something you could promote as well just put would work profits into thing we might actually do that we’ll see what kind of gravity it’s got right now gravity is 30 so it’s actually a lot lower so you might have and you only get thirty dollars per sale so you get three or four sales a day to make a hundred dollars now how do you actually go out and promote this stuff guys well there’s an untapped market in a place where you can get a four account right now and you can go out and start to get traffic and it’s very very what’s the word engaging traffic that place is my friend’s Instagram now the thing about Instagram this is the reason why this is a very good traffic source you can repost people’s videos and images and stuff that’s called fair use you can use a repost app as long as you give credit and right now Instagram is at a point in time where it’s getting very very popular and it’s very easy to manipulate the algorithm okay so first of all the reason why it would work I chose woodworkers because it’s very very popular on Instagram right now it’s it’s cool like you can go to these pages that have this insane videos that would easily go viral these will go viral very very easy because they’re just so they drag people into the video like we click this it just drags people into the video and they stick and they stay and they get interested so you can have a little caption saying if you want to learn how to do this or something check out the link and my profile now the thing is though that’s all very well whatever Franklin how do you actually CRO these accounts so there’s a bit of a trick to Instagram right now I’m going to show you two ways you can grow your account but this would work thing is probably you know is going to do quite well because there’s lots of viral videos that you can use like look at all of these videos you can go out every post to get followers and views this is a massive niche on Instagram Instagram an absolutely huge niche that you can tap into so what do you do how do you grow how do you get sales two things you can do and I recommend one of them and I don’t really recommend the other so the first one guys is actually using a bot called follow Lika that will follow and unfollow I’m actually using this right now on one of my accounts and I’ll be retargeting I’ve got twelve thousand followers in a very short amount of time now you guys probably know this account it’s called its I’m not going to say the name because I’m Instagram but I want them ticklish my stuff out but I go and grow these accounts and promote my courses and guys I’ve made thousands upon thousands of dollars doing it it’s no different from trying to promote a Clickbank product although I have a bit of personal branding even if I didn’t I would still be making money okay so you can do what we call follow and unfollow with a product called follow licker if you follow 200 people a day and then unfollow do that at least one round you have to do that on new accounts just to you know Benetton and then after that you can follow 700 people a day up to a thousand and then unfollow and there you do that on a weekly basis so follow and then unfollow the next week you should be able to get between 50 to 200 followers per day when running this method now I don’t actually recommend doing this and it does cost you money and I said this as the free method but the thing is with this is it brings that your health of your account down a little bit so your organic reach will decrease over time but you can get consistent sales with this but what I would recommend you actually go out there and do guys is go through my last videos on how I got ten thousand 2030 and days and a couple of others we use this video we go to what we call engagement groups which you can join some for free so go learn how to do that and we use power likes which we buy for like three dollars per post so that does cost but power likes as well this what this does is this engagement will boost up the videos and these would work videos but actually very very easy to get viral because they had the type of videos that would go viral because they just bring people in to keep people watching and they keep people engaging right so it’s you know let’s have a look look at this one here that’s a image but he’s got so many likes right 10,000 likes this is a video this is a video this video here has got 70,000 views right so you just got to repost other videos that have at least you know 10 50,000 views onto your profile you go out and you go into these engagement groups and power likes and stuff like that and people will click on your link in your profile on a daily basis you can expect to get you know between 20 to 100 clicks on your link depending on how viral your stuff goes when we get stuff to go viral guys we sometimes get three to four thousand followers in a day the the link clicks and the profile is insane hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of link clicks all you know those get a few videos to go viral and you build up this massive woodworking Instagram profile which is a hot niche right now and then all you do is you go and get this affiliate link you click promote on a woodworking product you put that affiliate link in your and your profile link here which goes against what I said in my last video but you’re promoting affiliate products you can’t do ads for them you put it in here or you can build out an email list and you can go out and send emails but you need a website for that but you go and put the link in here and you just repost these videos that are probably going to go viral or at least give you ten twenty or thirty thousand views by doing these engagement groups or if you don’t have the engagement groups go and run a bot it’s a lot slower but you will get sales you can get one or two or three sales a day once the momentum starts to go and guys you need to remember that once your account starts growing more and more you get more engagement you’re just going to start to get more organic growth as you go if you’re posting one one two three times a day you have to at least post daily it’s going to grow grow grow grow grow so that’s exactly what you can go out and do guys is go and use Instagram it’s getting massive now Instagram is becoming bit better than ever it’s becoming big they’re trying to go you know in competition with everybody else like YouTube and stuff like that they are really putting a lot of work into Instagram right now and the woodworking niche is absolutely huge it’s a massive niche it’s very very popular and this products will Clickbank that you can promote okay so go and put in the work put in the effort and you can go and get this sort of stuff done now guys what I did actually find is so yeah this is the but I use it far as why he’s asking follow like you buy download the bot now what I also found guys is a weird niche and I was very surprised as battery reconditioning and then I don’t know how I came across this clicked on this video and I clicked on some others and there’s actually a link down here for a clickbank product so I don’t know anything about battery reconditioning but clearly it works these guys clearly make money from this and they wouldn’t be doing these videos so maybe you could do a car Instagram and you can go out there and promote this battery reconditioning thing like I don’t know but that’s the thing with Clickbank there’s all of these make money like this to make money online nation the crypto nation the fitness niche which is the most popular and I do recommend getting into those but there’s also the car niche or something now let’s just do Fitness real quick guys to show you how big this is obviously with make money online you wouldn’t be able to you know do much Instagram you have to do luxury and stuff like that but Fitness is massive Fitness is a huge nation is lots of viral videos you can use and stuff like that as well and there is a bigger amount of fitness products on Clickbank shoot it’s the biggest industry it’s huge and you know Misco gravity toned in ten gravity 14 $14 per cell though it’s a little bit low $35 per cell $45 per cell there is a huge list of fitness stuff you can go out and promote okay guys now before we close this video guys I have just opened up my free affiliate training last couple videos I put it out then I was going to close it opening it for the next 100 people only to get into this training now to get into this training this you can use this as a clickfunnels training but you can use this for clickbank as well and other trainings you get my free funnel get all sorts of cool stuff what I want you to do is comment below show me the money and I’ll personally send you an invite to this training okay and also we have the winner from the last video and the pinned comment below every single video I give away access to one of my courses over two thousand dollars in value all you’ve got to do is go to the description read the instructions do those three things and you go into the draw automatically for the next video and I put the last video in a comment generator and I the winner and post it and then next pend comment and they actually do an ounce winners nearly everybody else that doesn’t stuff doesn’t actually announce winners it’s fully illegal you have to actually announce a winner so the winner is in the pimp comment below go and try this method guys even if you don’t want to do woodwork or anything like that Fitness is a massive massive niche woodwork is a massive massive niche and all you need is the traffic source guys and the offer the traffic source is your Instagram the offer is your wood working whatever this is okay guys and that’s it remember first 100 people only into my click funnels training below once that’s once those hundred people have come in and they will come in really really quickly I am actually closing it it’s a complete free affiliate marketing training course and you get free funnels all that sort of stuff as well and the winner is below I’ll see you guys in the next video

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