Customer VIP Club Offer

Did you know that having a VIP Club For Your

Salon Will Increase Your Yearly Profit?

It is easier to make money from your existing clients than it is to try and sell to a new client

Existing clients have used your service so they know, like and trust you and there is a 60 -70% chance that they will buy from you again

Just getting your existing clients to come back for 1 extra visit a month can increase your yearly profit by 25%

Our Agency can set up a VIP program for you where you can send out special offers using SMS text messaging and email marketing to your existing clients.

You need to reach your customers where they are and that is on their mobile phones and reading their emails. Just think “how long does it take you to look at a message that has just come in on your mobile?” Your customers are the same.

** Text the word Spa to +12035878391**