Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

If you have thought about making money online you might think it is a good idea to put up a website. You may hire some experts to build your website and spend a tom of money on products that teach you how to do SEO to boost your traffic and win the attention of visitors. Your visitors if they find you may or may not purchase your products
There is an easier way
Russell Brunson from Clickfunnels has an Affiliate Bootcamp which will show you how you can build a business promoting his product and making commissions. He explains how you do not need to spend time and money building a website which is basically a glorified pamphlet for your business. His Product Clickfunnels is an easy sales funnel builder that many people have built their whole business on.

What is affiliate Bootcamp?
The affiliate bootcamp is training that shows you the best ways to promote the suite of Clickfunnels products. The best thing is you do not need to own Clickfunnels in order to be an affiliate.
This is free training from some really Savvy Marketers. After all it is in Russels best interest to make sure his affiliates are armed with all the knowledge and tools to help you sell his products because if you make sales he makes sales.
There are also some really good incentives like winning a new car if you bring in 100 customers. Super cool

How does it work?
The product is made with the objective of promoting Clickfunnel products and to help people to make money through this process. It is landing page software created by Russell Brunson. This program can help people to retire in hundred days. The key principle of this program is to offer one trial of Clickfunnels day that can help the users to earn $40 per month if they find someone to sign up under them during that period.

The Sticky cookie
There is also a sticky cookie. This feature makes it one of the best affiliate programs. It also makes it easy for users to earn money online without any difficulty. If you refer a new member to the Clickfunnel and that referred member buys anything from Russell, you will get a commission. Russell has many other popular products such as the books and training program. That means you will get a commission for all those purchases made by your referred member. The earning will be easy. If you have more referred members, you will be able to earn more.
Who is the creator of this program?
The program is created by an expert, Russell Brunson. He is not new to online business. This program is not his first program. Before designing this program, he has also introduced many books and training programs for the benefit of people. He is the author of two bestselling books. He earns millions of dollars by selling products online. He understands online business and wants to help people to make money online by following his simple and effective training.
Is it free?
This program is unique and innovative. It teaches people how to make money by promoting their program and software. As mentioned earlier, the training will be free. The course is worth of $997. In addition to the training, you will come to know how to promote the products. All these things will be free.
Clickfunnels offers a 14 day trial so you get to try the software before you purchase. As clickfunnels is so easy to use there is a high conversion rate and once people set up their sales funnels they tend to stay.
If you would like to take part in the Clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp you can get more info here

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